Points of Contact


Training Bureau Points of Contact
  • Individuals wishing to go through and/or going through the recruitment process of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department shall at all times follow the appropriate chain of command when interacting with Training Bureau Staff.

    Appeals of any type shall be forwarded to the Training Bureau Command collectively, while general questions and inquiries shall be sent to the Training Bureau Supervisors. Investigators and/or Instructors shall not be questioned about either of the matters listed above.

    This notice applies on an out-of-character level as well. Generally, (ban) appeals are sent to the ASD: TB Command user group, while general questions about your applications must be forwarded to the ASD: TB Supervisors group. Please ensure you contact your appropriate chain of command, meaning you go to the lowest-ranked person on the list above relevant to your issue (Sergeants of PEU/SU).