(( Out of Character Expectations ))


Out of Character Expectations
  • The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD) is a real-life law enforcement agency operating in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. It is the United States' largest Sheriff's department employing approximately over 18,000 sworn and non-sworn personnel. We, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department (LSSD), aim to portray this agency as realistically as possible as the state we roleplay in, San Andreas, is a direct emulation of California and we roleplay it as such. LSRP is a very unique server as the community passionately attempt to roleplay their characters, areas, and agencies realistically from what there would be in Los Angeles and that directly translates over into Los Santos.

    During the academy, you will see a strong emphasis on how regularly we pose to roleplay our realistic counterpart, the LASD. It should be crucial for you to do some basic research once you pass through as a Deputy Sheriff Trainee if you manage to complete the academy process successfully. Please also note that research does not even need to be Googled as such as in our sections we hold lots of information on the LSSD and guides and tips on how to perfectly convey an LASD deputy but we will not stop you from taking the extra mile.

    We expect each and every one of our applicants and faction members to be able to provide a realistic character, along with realistic backgrounds and development. Our hiring process is designed for you to be able to show your roleplay off, as well as your English proficiency.

    There can be several reasons as to why you may be denied for poor character development.


    It is recognized that California has the highest paid law enforcement officials, but this doesn't give you a free ticket to roleplay living extravagantly without any articulate reason behind it. Despite the server's poor economy status, we still recognize the real-life wage boundaries and expect our members to recognize them as well. There is no realistic reason that a very rich person would want to risk their life everyday. If you wish to roleplay wealth, be sure to be able to come up with a realistic explanation or you may risk getting disqualified.

    It is not uncommon for LA area law enforcement officers to be born in other parts of the country. Given the allure and luster associated with the Los Angeles area, people generally move there seeking a better life or simply seeking to see the sights. That being said, generally do not roleplay a character born in another country. This is a cliché on LS:RP that has been tried and tested multiple times it is not unique. It inevitably leads to poor roleplay and character portrayal.

    It's also completely OK to roleplay your character being born in the Los Santos area.

    If however you decide to roleplay being born in another country, do note that we will seek explanations on how your character was able to move to the United States. We will ask questions regarding your immigration process and it will be extremely important for you that you have done your research on how the real process works. Keep in mind that the state of California requires you to either be a U.S citizen or a legal alien, who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship, in order to apply for a law enforcement agency.

    As for education, it depends on your character. Are they more book-smart? Perhaps having a Bachelor's Degree in a certain liberal arts subject would be fitting. Are they more hands-on? A high school diploma never fails — if that doesn't pique your fancy, you can roleplay an Associate's Degree in a technical science. Typically, people can flock to law enforcement because they cannot find a job in their field of choice.

    In the United States, by the time you graduate from High School, you would not yet be eligible to apply for a law enforcement agency, as you'll need to be 21 years of age by the time you graduate the academy and become a peace officer. After your character would graduate high school, the decision is up to you on how you want to develop your character. As an example, you can roleplay getting further education such as a college degree, which would be a great option considering that in the real world you would not be able to advance onto supervisory positions with only a high school diploma. A college degree would also give you a fallback option in case your character decides that law enforcement is not for them, which is something to take into account IC'ly and something that is done very often in the real-world. A degree in Criminal Justice is very popular among police officers who had the chance to get further education, as they would get a higher salary, have the chance of progressing further in the Department and also have a plan B in case they want to leave law enforcement.

    We also expect our applicants to do adequate research on the U.S education system. We have witnessed several applicants who have roleplayed unrealistic ages for the education that they have. This can, and in most scenarios, will lead to a disqualification on that character.
    Previous Job Experience

    Another thing we will look at apart from your education and background is your previous work experiences. If your character has decided not to pursue further education after high school, they'd need to wait approximately 3 years before being eligible to apply for law enforcement. We will seek explanations on what your character would do in this timeframe. We will leave up to you, and will expect that you are able to come up with a realistic and probable explanation.

    While we understand that the Taxi Driver job and Mechanic job are the 2 most common script jobs on the server, please do not attempt to actually roleplay one of these as your previous job experience. This is straight up poor-roleplay and will in most scenarios get you disqualified. Your options are endless as to what you can roleplay, and you don't need something script-wise to roleplay it. Be creative and come up with something realistic.