(( Faction Update - December 2021 ))


Hey everyone,

First of all, I hope everyone had a great holiday season and managed to spend time with family and friends. It is important to spend time with them!

As we all know we didn't get the release date we has hoped for this year and it was delayed again, but this just gives us more time to get things perfect for launch. We have noticed a few people say they would have to resign because of this, whether it be because of work or real-life deployments. We get it, just contact us and let us know. You're always welcome to come back.

Though we have been quiet, we're currently working on some changes from a Command and Executive level so nothing really too concerning or changing with the way the faction currently runs, albeit not in-game right now, more on any of the changes will be announced at a later date but you all will be informed.


As you can see we done a small little giveaway this month thanks to Brasi, this just helps people who struggle through these times and just raises the morale in the faction that little bit more. Congratulations to the following for winning, plus the others that won the random nitros.

1st place: RagTagPig
2nd place: Luca
3rd place: Kevin
4th place: Aiden
5th place: Daidough


I'm sure quiet a few of you have been looking for this, but these are the results for the faction awards of 2021. Seems they have a few of you that are also tied. Congratulations everyone.

Favorite Executive Staff member: Jack
Favorite Command Staff member: Kingston
Favorite Supervisory Staff member: Button/Iudex
Favorite Field Staff member: Duckling

Funniest member: Duckling
Most respected member: Brasi

Best updater: Skywake
Worst updater: Larkin

Best driver: Mikey
Worst driver: Iudex

Best pilot: Thompson/Itchuokine
Worst pilot: Itchuokine(?), Orbit

Best marksman: Mikey
Worst marksman: Larkin

Best change: GTA 5

Favorite detective: Bardia
Favorite SEB member: Mikey

Favorite SIB member: Bardia
Favorite Aero Bureau member: Itchoukine
Favorite Training Bureau member: Luca/Itsuka


Biggest Troll: Duckling
Most likely to become Sheriff: Brasi
Most likely would get discharged on V: frost
Most likely would "have to go" during a scene: proxy
Most likely to find an excuse not to attend a rollcall: frost/button
Best Interceptions (Spikes, PITs): cincilator
Gets deathmatched 24/7: Larkin
Deathmatches 24/7: Reality

I want to thank everyone for their persistent interest and activity within the faction as we edge closer and closer to launch and I can't wait to play with you all when the time does come. As for now, I want everyone to enjoy the small break this time of year gives us and see the New Year with a positive attitude and mindset.

Again, any issues, feedback, or general inquiries can come to me or any member of the Executive or Command teams.

Thanks for reading

20th Sheriff of Los Santos County
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department — "A Tradition of Service"