(( Faction Update — January 2022 ))


Hey everyone,

Here we are again, pretty much a month later, how time flies; only this time we are nearly at the launch date and can finally play on the server!

Since the backend of August 2021, we all collectively have been working and coming together to prepare ourselves for the server's launch in a month's time to the date. There are some things to fully complete for Bureau's but from the main department perspective, we are ready for launch.

There is still more information that will come out shortly regarding the Legal Faction TeamSpeak, which is currently online and being worked on as this message goes out. The main structure is complete, it's a case of going through permissions, but will be released department-wide soon.

You can get yourself prepared for that by requesting your TeamSpeak groups now, once the server goes public these requests will be processed. You can do that by clicking here.

Since the server went down last year, we haven't really been pushing people to be the most active members since there is no server, which is understandable. But now we've got some work ahead of us, we will start monitoring everyone's activity and contributions to their respective areas. Now is the time to start picking up activity and contribution so it doesn't lead to anything other than a warning.

Custody Update

I want to take this opportunity to update the wider faction with what is happening with Custody. With the recent resignations of the Custody faction members, as of today, we will be removing the split we initially created last year. This was originally introduced to accommodate the old DCR leadership being merged.

Since they are no longer with us, we will be operating as usual with no "split". Custody will be treated as an assignment like many others we have throughout the department. Any members who transferred from DCR to LSSD will be spoken to on a separate basis then merged to an LSSD Rank.

Since there is now no direct leadership I will be overseeing it along with the Command Staff team to ensure it runs smoothly for launch. We'll be going through all relevant materials and updating them accordingly. More information will be available later on and I will keep you all updated on this.

I would also like to confirm the name we will be using for our Prison / Jail. We will be using Bolingbroke Penitentiary, but we will be calling it Bolingbroke Correctional Facility, below you can see a photo to reference.


We will be using the IRL Counterpart as a reference to broadly base Bolingbroke off. The IRL counterpart is North County Correctional Facility, the location and everything else is very similar. You can click here to read up on this facility if you wish to do so.

As I and Brasi have mentioned in the faction announcement's channel, if you wish to be a part of the Custody Services Division and you have relevant experience then please send a PM through to me and we can go further with it.

If you have relevant leadership experience in such a style of roleplay then please send me a PM stating so and we look into it on a case by case basis.

Again, I want to thank everyone who is in this faction and continues to work hard to make us the best Law Enforcement Roleplay Faction and something for everyone to enjoy. Without any of you, we wouldn't be in this position and I feel honored to take this Faction into the launch of the server and strive forward.

Again, any issues, feedback, or general inquiries can come to me or any member of the Executive or Command teams.

Thanks for reading

20th Sheriff of Los Santos County
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department — "A Tradition of Service"