(( Faction Update ))


Hi there everyone!

I hope everyone is well and ready for the winter holidays soon approaching us! As we edge closer towards Christmas we also edge closer to the launch of LS-RP:V.

Faction State

We've closed reinstatements for the foreseeable, they'll open again on the launch of the server as this is a requirement. The reason we're closing the reinstatements is to get an overall view of where we stand as a faction right now.

We'll be using this time we have available to go over the faction structurally and ensure everything is in the right hands, we'll start making some promotions in the coming weeks where we deem fit, this allows people to start moving in the faction and keep the cogs turning.

I will be taking the next couple of weeks to push Bureau commanders to finalize all of their operations to ensure a smooth launch for LS-RP and going forward. There may be small hiccups but this is something we'll sort as we go along.

We'll use this time as well to re-open faction suggestions, ideally, we're looking for small quick suggestions and not something that'll require a lot of work to implement for launch, so if you've got any serious suggestions head to the forums to post them.

Right now we've got a good ratio between our ranks, from Field Staff to Command Staff. We've struggled in the past to make a good balance and ratio between the two and moving forward we will ensure we stick to a fair and unbiased ratio.

Discord usage

It's been brought to my attention that there have been some issues in the discord and people feel as if we are trying to monitor and limit what people are saying, whether it's being people offended by something or someone not agreeing with someone's sense of humor that's previously been tolerated.

Going forward we're going to have a separate channel that you have to request access to, in this channel you can post things that wouldn't or shouldn't be in the general chats, this is to stop any issues going forward if you've requested access to the chat then you agree to see the things within the chat. The chat will contain the standard discord rules we have in place, so please abide by them or you'll be removed from the discord.

Executive Staff Addtion

As we grow in numbers, we need to expand areas of the faction from what we have now. Right now we have only myself in Executive Staff and everything ultimately comes down to me and I then have to delegate throughout the team.

We added Division Chief into Executive Staff due to some faction leadership changes, but Division Chief allows those to get an early stepping stone into ES and start to take on the day-to-day responsibilities of being Executive Staff.

I'd like to take this moment to congratulate Montrell Lewis (Brasi) for his promotion to Division Chief, With Brasi now joining my team we will be able to get a lot more stuff done with double the workforce. Moving forward you can contact Brasi with any concerns or questions in the first instance.


I would just like to spend this time to just say thank you to everyone who has supported me and the faction to get where we are today, everything is greatly appreciated by myself, Command Staff, and Server Management, without you we wouldn't have a faction.

Again, as I always say I am open to feedback, concerns, or anything of the sort. Shoot me a forum PM or a Discord message and I'll do my best to reply in a good amount of time.




20th Sheriff of Los Santos County
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