Sheriffs Reserve Program [OPENED]

You can find sworn and civilian positions information within this section. Here you will also find information about our reinstatement and lateral transfer process.

___Deputy Sheriff Trainee;
___Deputy Sheriff-Lateral;


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"A tradition of Service"
"A tradition of Service"
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Sheriffs Reserve Program [OPENED]

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Sheriffs Reserve Program
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department
A Tradition of Service Since 1850

Sheriff Kenneth Larosa


The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department holds one of the biggest reserves programs through out the nation. Our reserved deputy sheriffs are community members or mainly retired personnel of who volunteer their time and energy to for fill many roles within the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. These reserve deputy sheriff's undergo the same hiring standards as regular deputy sheriffs. Our reserves perform a multitude of job assignments throughout the county, in addition to regular patrol functions. Additionally, they also work in special assignments ranging from Aero Bureau, Special Enforcement Bureau, along with various detective functions through out the Department.


(( We currently only allow reserve program for retired personnel of the faction. With that being said, you must meet the following requirements below to join the program. ))

Personnel seeking reserve status shall meet the following prerequisites prior to being considered,
  • Must have held the rank of Deputy Sheriff or higher for a period exceeding 90 days and within the previous 2 years
  • Must have served in good faith, with no recent disciplinary action held against them,
The process to attain Reserve status shall be the following:
  • Interested persons shall direct a letter of interest to Executive Staff;
  • Reserve status is either given or request is rejected;
  • Approved personnel shall attend a Refresher Course with an authorized Department employee prior to attending duties.
    • Any individual who is accepted as Reserve, is considered a full sworn in law enforcement officer for the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department.
    • Any individual who is accepted will forfill their duties as any other Deputy Sheriff in accordance Sheriff's MPP 2-01/100.00 DEPUTY SHERIFF.
    • (( Individuals must have a 0.25 ABAS over the course of two months. ))
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